Fall Inflatable Rental Opportunities

With the busy season of summer over, it might seem like the time to wrap it up and call it a year. However, it’s still possible for party rental businesses to take advantage of the unique opportunities available in the offseason. Here are a few ideas on renting your inflatables during the fall.

Inflatables have increased in popularity at wedding reception events. The cooling temperatures during the fall months make bounce house rentals a viable option for weddings. Younger children in attendance will greatly enjoy the chance for playtime during the reception, and the bride and groom can even join in on the fun too!

While kids returning to school usually means fewer parties, it can also provide new opportunities for party rental businesses. Events such as school carnivals or back to school nights provide great opportunities for party rental businesses to participate in their communities during the fall. You might even consider renting out your inflatable obstacle courses as a fun alternative for kids in P.E. class! 

While trick or treating is most popular around Halloween, the holiday also inspires similar local events. Pumpkin patches are a fantastic place to rent inflatables since they operate alongside other entertainment options such as petting zoos, hayrides, and mazes. Communities and churches often hold their own events as alternatives to trick or treating around Halloween and are excellent ways to rent your inflatables. 

These are only some of the opportunities that are still available for party rental businesses during the fall. Are there any other autumn events that your business has found success in renting out for? Let us know!