How to Get Notifications on In Stock Inflatables

One of the most frequent questions customers ask is when JumpOrange is set to bring in more inflatables to our warehouse. With the busy season coming on, party rental businesses want the newest and best to offer their clients, while at the same time not constantly having to check the website for updates. At JumpOrange, we recognize the importance of securing the best inflatables when you need them, and to that end, we offer several different options for providing up-to-date news on incoming inflatables!

Social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok provide channels for businesses to connect with JumpOrange! Our social media channels post on a number of topics, including images of newly arrived inflatables! Following us on social media is also a great way to get in direct contact with us, either by leaving a comment or messaging us online!

Subscribing to the JumpOrange email newsletter is a great way to stay informed! JumpOrange sends subscribers emails on a variety of topics, such as info on sales, inflatable spotlights, and inventory updates. From there, clicking on the images will also take you straight to the appropriate product pages on our website to purchase!

If there’s an inflatable that you have your eye on that happens to be out of stock, you can sign up for an In-Stock Alert on the product page. You will then be notified by email as soon as this item’s stock is up on the website. While you’re here, it might also be a good idea to add it to your wishlist, which can be found just below the Notify Me button!

With these options to choose from, you have plenty of ways to check on the status of your favorite inflatables! Stay connected through JumpOrange’s various channels and give yourself the best chance to secure the inflatables you want when you need them most!