Please log into your retailer account to track your order if it was not purchased directly through our website. Typically, we ship within 2-4 business days after an order is received from our 3rd party retailers. If your order is over 150 lbs, it will ship by freight carrier. These shipments tend to have a much longer transit period than small parcels shipped by UPS. 

We do not accept returns that were not purchased directly through our website. ​Please contact your retailer, dealer, or other reseller directly for more information about their return policies.

Please contact your retailers directly to make a warranty claim. After we receive your claim from an authorized 3rd party retailer, we will process your warranty service. 

The warranty starts from the date of purchase. We cover 90 days for residential grade inflatables (any SKUs that starts with JOK) and for DuraLite products (SKUs JOH). For commercial grade products (SKUs JC, JCX, and JOC), we cover three years on dry use units and 1.5 years on wet/dry units. There is a one-year warranty for commercial-grade games and blowers. 

Sorry, we do not cover any units that have expired their warranty. Sometimes, we can suggest a local repair shop to fix your unit.  Our team is always more than happy to assist you with any active warranty questions or related concerns.

Even though we do have one of the best warranties in the industry, we do not offer an extended warranty program. 

Due to the product weight, we do not offer expedited shipping. 

We would love to make this happen, however, there is no expedited shipping, and the shipment takes 7-14 business days for transit.  

No, the residential grade products are not designed for heavy usage. 

There are glues made to repair minor openings or you can purchase a new water hose from us. Please email us at for additional information.

Your blower may stop working if the motor gets too hot. Your blower is fitted with a mechanism to prevent damage from overheating.  In cases where the motor gets too hot, the blower will typically shut down for approximately 2 hours before restarting. Please contact the JumpOrange Care Team for a solution.

Yes, it is normal. If it seems to be making very odd sounds, feel free to contact us at, and we can help you determine if there is something wrong with your unit.

Water can be removed through the drain holes which are located at the bottom of our commercial inflatable products. Water leakage is more common with commercial grade inflatables due to the thickness of the vinyl assembled together which creates small openings. JumpOrange takes precautions to heat sealed the seams on our commercial grade water-based products to minimize water leaking.  However, some water may enter the inflatable through the seams due to the suction action created during use. 

Residential grade products do not come with a drain system. You may remove the water from the air pipe.

Dimensions will vary based on the pressure and users. Commercial inflatables will commonly expand beyond the listed dimensions when inflated. Even though JumpOrange inflatables are mass-produced and use identical patterns, the size may vary due to the process of inflation.

Punctures, holes, or tears can typically be repaired using a needle and strong thread or fishing line. You can use the included patch kit to repair minor punctures, holes, or tears.  Alternately, a patch may be adhered using all-purpose glue, which can be purchased at your local hardware store. In general, using stitching to repair a product is more durable than using an adhesive.

To view a downloadable set of instructions with pictures, please click here.

JumpOrange commercial and residential inflatable products are made with commercial grade PVC mildew resistant vinyl which minimizes the chances of getting mildew compared to units made with nylon material. The first step in dealing with mildew is prevention.  Always store inflatables in a dry location and make sure they are completely dry after use. If mildew does arise, completely dry the inflatable, and allow the mildewed area exposure to sunlight.  You may also use soap and water to clean the area.  If the mildew damage is severe, scrubbing may cause the materials to disintegrate. To prevent mildew, JumpOrange recommends using Simple Green or Matt Kleen, especially for commercial inflatables, as it removes mildew, and a number of other pathogens, bacteria, and viruses.

Sorry, we do not price match from third party retailers. 

For orders going to Canada, we recommend ordering from our authorized retailers. Some stores offer free shipping to Canada. 

In most cases, we recommend event party rental companies to purchase commercial grade inflatable products directly on our website. You can save 15% off on full price commercial items and receive free shipping when you become a JEM Club Member. It’s a yearly membership for only $695. 

Prices can vary sometimes, and you should compare prices between sites to make your best choice. Make sure you look over their return and warranty claim policy, as each third-party retailer might have different terms.