Diversifying Your Party Rental Inventory

While we here over at JumpOrange are always ready to suggest the best inflatables as the backbone of the party rental industry, we also recognize that many events call for more than just inflatables. To that end, smart party rental businesses can stand out with a diverse party rental inventory. Having a range of unique and trending items not only attracts a broader clientele but also ensures your party rental business remains a top choice in the event-planning scene. Here are a few extra offerings you can add to supplement your party rental business’ inflatables!

Photo booths are a great way to involve partygoers of all kinds! Options vary from classic backdrops to green screens and augmented reality filters. They can also include physical props for that extra wow factor. Photo booths are a hit at events and provide guests with memorable keepsakes.

Outdoor lawn games are easy to add to any event! Some popular choices include cornhole, giant Jenga, and giant Connect Four. Smaller inflatables such as sports games can also fit this role nicely. Positioned in the right spots, these games can provide kids something to do between action on your bigger inflatables. An extra benefit of these is that they are very easy to store and maintain, making them very reliable inclusions to your party rental offerings! 

Simplify event planning for your clients by offering themed decor packages. Curate collections that include table centerpieces, banners, and other decorative elements to create a cohesive atmosphere for various occasions. You can also incorporate customizable marquees and tents in various sizes, styles, and configurations to provide clients with flexible options that suit their specific needs.

Providing a diverse party rental inventory is important for new party rental businesses and veterans alike. By staying attuned to emerging trends and offering a varied selection of items, your business can become a go-to resource for hosts seeking innovative and memorable elements for their events. Have you incorporated any of these to your party rental business? Let us know!