Fun At ERSCon!

ERSCon 2024 was a blast! JumpOrange has been a collaborator with ERSCon from the beginning. Even with previous ones we were unable to attend, we always provide special deals for attendees. It was nice being able to see both new and familiar faces to greet us. We’ve seen how this event has grown over the years and how it helps those in our industry.

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ERSCon is an annual event hosted by Event Rental Systems, or ERS for short, with this year’s event held at the Holiday Inn Express in downtown Nashville. Its exceptional location is right in the middle of many shops, restaurants and other great attractions the city has to offer. This year’s event proved very popular, with tickets selling out quickly. Despite this, plenty of staff were on hand to answer questions and support the conference. The event has typically been a great experience for sponsors such as us!

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Besides discussing the software, ERSCon also hosted talks featuring topics such as SEO and Google Ads, topics aimed to help party rental businesses. Attendees can directly offer feedback on the software, and ERS uses it to help improve their services. ERSCon is also the time for ERS to unveil new features to their offerings. Often attendees could go on the mic to address possible suggestions to improve. ERS also allows companies to give testimonials at the event, sharing how this software has improved their business performance. Several raffles, giveaways, and sales were available exclusively for ERSCon attendees. JumpOrange was on hand giving away shirts and bags as well!

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Attendees consider their favorite part of the conference the round table discussions. Held each day, an expert on a certain topic helps facilitate discussion, sharing valuable information, and answering questions in an ongoing dialogue. These offer both technical responses from ERS staff and also first-hand experience from party rental businesses. ERSCon is different from larger events such as the IAAPA Expo in that there is a more cooperative atmosphere where people are eager to help each other. The Wicked Smart Idea discussion is another great example of this, where business owners share their unique and proven successful ideas that are more outside of the box. ERS itself offers plenty of help during and after the event, especially through its group on Facebook.

We’ve made it back home safe after an exciting ERSCon! It’s great to see so many in the industry learn while having a great time! JumpOrange is committed to partnering with other companies for events like these that keep our industry moving forward. We hope to see you in person at future events such as these!

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