How To Rent Inflatables for School Events

While party rental opportunities seem to decrease in the fall as kids return to school, plenty more become available too! Students and teachers alike can enjoy inflatables throughout the school year! Here are a few examples of how you can rent out inflatables for school events!

Power up P.E. with some inflatables! Whether it’s competing in sports challenges, overcoming a massive obstacle course, or just bouncing away in a bounce house, inflatables offer different ways for kids to get active and have fun doing it. They can also help build a sense of friendly competition and cooperation among students. Kids will be delighted to play in your inflatables after a day in the classroom!

School events such as open house, assemblies, and fundraisers are the perfect time to rent out inflatables! Having inflatables on hand can attract more attendees and encourage engagement. Happier guests will in turn lead to a more successful event for both the school and your business! You can also introduce yourself to potential clients by meeting parents and other community members!

Schools hold several fun events throughout the year for both faculty and families, and inflatables can be a great boost! Consider renting out inflatables with themes for holiday-themed class parties around Halloween and Christmas. Carnivals and fairs are another option to consider as the open space means you can often rent multiple units. These events are also a great place to showcase your company and inflatables to a wider audience!

JumpOrange is the perfect choice to provide your party rental business with top notch inflatables! We offer units in a variety of themes and colors ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Plus, they are highly durable and easy to clean and maintain. Together, let’s provide inflatables for school events to create unforgettable experiences for everyone!