How To Start A Party Rental Business

The party rental industry is growing rapidly, and now’s the perfect time to join! Starting a party rental business can be both a lucrative and fulfilling opportunity, and with proper preparation, anyone can succeed in it! Here are a few tips on starting your own business!   

Before committing to a party rental business, do some market research. Factors such as demographics and climate will play a role in the viability of your chosen market. You will want to identify competitors and how you can stand out from them in your market. Examining places such as schools, community centers, and local businesses can also help you determine future customers to supplement your client base of families. 

We highly recommend starting out with one bounce house, one combo, and one 14-15 ft slide, preferably ones with more general colors and theming. This will help you reach a wider range of clients when starting out, and as the business grows, you can add more units such as 19 ft slides, obstacle courses, and games, as well as more specialized themes. Don’t forget to invest in liability insurance to protect your business.

Using a variety of online channels will help you streamline your business. A website can provide structure for inflatable inventory and bookings, while social media accounts can help you reach out and expand your customer base. By providing excellent service you can also earn glowing reviews on sites such as Google and Yelp. Keep your online profiles up to date with engaging content and you’ll quickly increase your reach! 

At JumpOrange, we also offer JEM Club Membership! This is the perfect way to save on startup costs with free shipping options, discounts on inflatables, and access to marketing materials. We also have plenty of industry insider knowledge we would be happy to share. Let us partner with you and help you maximize your business! 


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