Inflatable Combinations and Collections

One inflatable is sure to generate excitement at any party or event, so naturally adding inflatable combinations to your rental opportunity would be even more effective! For example, consider attaching a slide with its matching slip n slide partner for hot summer days! You can also try renting out a bounce house alongside an obstacle course to keep kids moving! Here are a few ways to mix and match JumpOrange inflatables together!

The 18 Ft Slides in the Classic collection can be attached to their matching Slip N Slides. The Sport Challenge collection is another example of interchangeable inflatables! With baseball, basketball, football, frisbee, golf, soccer, and archery games, these compact inflatables fit in seamlessly at any event!

The Shadow Obstacle Course set comes in seven pieces. Each piece can rent out individually. However, combining all 7 pieces forms a massive 75 ft obstacle course perfect for large-scale events!

The Mermaid collection is one of JumpOrange’s most complete product lines. With a variety of slides and bouncers, it has an inflatable for any occasion. Combine any number of them for the ultimate undersea playground! The Ocean Battle, Rocker, and Ice Pops themes also offer similar-sized collections.Most collections within this series offer a 15 ft slide, a 19 ft slide, a 13’X13’ bounce house, and a dual-lane combo. This makes it very easy to match inflatables with the same theme. The X-Series also lends itself well to mix-and-matching.The American Boxing, Thunder, and T-Rex lines all have inflatable dual lane combos to go with their respective slides. The American Boxing line also has an inflatable punching game that makes a great side inflatable for a patriotic party. the newly introduced Electric bounce house and Jaguar wraparound combo offer unique additions to any collection.

The XLD series have quickly become fan favorites thanks to the highly requested detachable pool feature! The Galaxy, I’mperfectly, Mysterious Jungle, Oasis, and Queen collections all offer slides and combos that go well together. Meanwhile, the Cali Palms and Dolphins collections added slip n slides and dual lane combos to go along with their slides.

These are all just a few examples of effective themed inflatable combinations. You may even find that a mix and match strategy for your inflatables from different themes and designs at your event leads to greater success! The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!