Managing Your Inflatables In Weather

Ideally, inflatables are meant to be enjoyed when the weather is just right. However, not every day will have this kind of weather, while on other days seemingly ideal conditions can quickly take a turn for the worse. Here is a list of some weather conditions that your party rental business needs to be prepared for, as well as what to do when they occur.

Local wind speed is one weather condition to monitor carefully, as some news reports tell of inflatables being lifted into the air by strong gusts, resulting in injury and even death. Ensuring your inflatables are properly secured and weighted down will maximize the stability of inflatables under normal conditions. If winds in the area exceed 15 mph, however, do not set up your units as most commercial inflatables are not designed to hold up properly under these conditions.

Rain can cause several problems for party rental companies. Too much rain results in a more slippery play area, meaning slips and falls are more likely to happen where your inflatables are set up. Moisture can also be damaging for your inflatables, not only for the increased chance of mold and mildew but also for the possible water damage to your air blowers.  Should rain start during an event, encourage guests to safely exit so you can deflate your inflatable. Dry and clean your inflatable thoroughly to reduce the chance of mold and mildew growth.  

While inflatables such as slip-n-slides can be a great way to cool off during the summer, the use of other inflatables such as bounce houses should be monitored carefully. The temperature inside enclosed inflatables can be much hotter than outside, putting children at risk for heat stroke and exhaustion. Excessive heat can also cause blowers to overheat, possibly damaging them long term. To avoid these outcomes, it’s best to keep your bounce house out of direct sunlight and closely supervise children inside.

Stay updated by following weather forecasts and keep in touch with clients about scheduled events that could face inclement weather. When renting out your inflatables, your guests’ safety should be your top priority. Protect both your guests and your inflatable investments and you will put your business in the best position to succeed!