Why Join JEM Day?

JEM Day is fast approaching! Each October, JEM Club members can take part in this member-exclusive sale. This weeklong sale is always a can’t-miss event at JumpOrange. Here are a few reasons why party rental businesses benefit immensely from participating in JEM Day!


While JEM Club members enjoy several exclusive sales events throughout the year, JEM Day is easily the biggest! With discounts surpassing even those found during the IAAPA Expo, members can save hundreds, if not thousands, on the best inflatable units JumpOrange has to offer! While the exact discount levels won’t be revealed until the day of the event, JEM Club Members can be assured it will be well worth the wait!

JEM Day will also allow preorders on items currently in stock. For a 30% deposit, members can choose to delay shipment on their units. and then complete the payment at a later date. This is a great option for business owners looking to maintain enough storage space until the season arrives! 

With both incredible deals and the ability to control when units are shipped out, this is the perfect time to prep your inventory ahead of time! Whether you’re refreshing older units or getting brand new designs, this sale during the offseason is a great opportunity to start planning ahead on what inflatables you will have for your customers next season!

Not yet a JEM Club Member? For $695 a year, you can become one and take part in JEM Day too! Besides the great discounts offered throughout the year, members also have access to free shipping options and numerous other exclusive sales to take advantage of. There’s no better time to join than now!