Why You Should Refresh Your Inflatables

The start of a new season is always exciting. It’s also the perfect time for your party rental business to refresh your inflatables! Here are a few reasons why you should refresh your inflatable collection in time for the upcoming season!

New Themes and Designs

While your customers may become attached to inflatables they rent from you, it is also likely that they will crave new and exciting options. Satisfy this demand with an inventory update. Adding new inflatables will bring in new designs and themes that you previously may not have been able to offer. Specific party themes such as space, jungle, and prehistoric can improve your rental offerings. Even more uncommon themes can help attract new customers looking for standout rental offerings.

Maintain Current Units

Commercial inflatables such as those made by JumpOrange can last for a long time with proper care and maintenance. However, you can also maximize your rental efficiency by rotating in new inflatables. Adding more inflatables available to rent will help ease stress on your older units by giving them a break. This in turn will allow them to serve your business longer and extend their positive ROI.

Replace Older Units

Whether it’s because they’re worn down beyond repair or not as popular as before, you will eventually have to replace older inflatable units. Free up storage space that you can then choose to fill with either the same model or opt for a different design. Your business should avoid renting inflatables that should’ve been already retired. Prevent that from happening by ensuring your inflatables are up to date. 

It’s important to refresh your inflatables periodically to keep your offerings from going stale. At the same time it will help slow the rate of wear and tear on your current inventory. Start the season on the right foot with an inventory refresh so you’re ready for anything! 

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