How to Get Notifications on In Stock Inflatables

One of the most frequent questions customers ask is when JumpOrange is set to bring in more inflatables to our warehouse. With the busy season coming on, party rental businesses want the newest and best to offer their clients, while at the same time not constantly having to check the website for updates. At JumpOrange, we recognize the importance of securing the best inflatables when you need them, and to that end, we offer several different options for providing up-to-date news on incoming inflatables!

Social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok provide channels for businesses to connect with JumpOrange! Our social media channels post on a number of topics, including images of newly arrived inflatables! Following us on social media is also a great way to get in direct contact with us, either by leaving a comment or messaging us online!

Subscribing to the JumpOrange email newsletter is a great way to stay informed! JumpOrange sends subscribers emails on a variety of topics, such as info on sales, inflatable spotlights, and inventory updates. From there, clicking on the images will also take you straight to the appropriate product pages on our website to purchase!

If there’s an inflatable that you have your eye on that happens to be out of stock, you can sign up for an In-Stock Alert on the product page. You will then be notified by email as soon as this item’s stock is up on the website. While you’re here, it might also be a good idea to add it to your wishlist, which can be found just below the Notify Me button!

With these options to choose from, you have plenty of ways to check on the status of your favorite inflatables! Stay connected through JumpOrange’s various channels and give yourself the best chance to secure the inflatables you want when you need them most!

Sport Events for Party Rental Businesses

Sporting events are a great place for people to gather and have a good time! Naturally, that also means they can also be a great opportunity for your business! Here are some ideas for sporting events your business could rent out for!

What better way to entertain young fans on a game day tailgate party than an inflatable bounce house? Our inflatables come in a variety of colors and themes, so there’s one that’s sure to match your favorite team! In addition, our slides and bouncers come with ample banner space to show your support! 

Major sporting events such as the Super Bowl, World Cup, World Series, and NBA Finals can easily create opportunities for large watch parties at home! Adults can enjoy our variety of inflatables during breaks in the action, and younger ones can have fun with them throughout the game! 

Whether it’s after celebrating a win or the end of the season, inflatables could be a welcome addition to any kids’ team event. Our collection of sports games and obstacle courses can test young athletes’ skills while also promoting some friendly competition for team members to enjoy!

If you’re looking to expand your inflatable selection to rent for these types of events, JumpOrange has you covered! We offer a wide variety of slides, bounce houses, and combos that are ideal for larger events! Plus, our Sports Collection and Obstacle Courses are perfect for sport-themed events! Our inflatables inflate and deflate quickly, and when supervised properly can be a great addition to any sports event! Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!

Why Join JEM Day?

JEM Day is fast approaching! Each October, JEM Club members can take part in this member-exclusive sale. This weeklong sale is always a can’t-miss event at JumpOrange. Here are a few reasons why party rental businesses benefit immensely from participating in JEM Day!


While JEM Club members enjoy several exclusive sales events throughout the year, JEM Day is easily the biggest! With discounts surpassing even those found during the IAAPA Expo, members can save hundreds, if not thousands, on the best inflatable units JumpOrange has to offer! While the exact discount levels won’t be revealed until the day of the event, JEM Club Members can be assured it will be well worth the wait!

JEM Day will also allow preorders on items currently in stock. For a 30% deposit, members can choose to delay shipment on their units. and then complete the payment at a later date. This is a great option for business owners looking to maintain enough storage space until the season arrives! 

With both incredible deals and the ability to control when units are shipped out, this is the perfect time to prep your inventory ahead of time! Whether you’re refreshing older units or getting brand new designs, this sale during the offseason is a great opportunity to start planning ahead on what inflatables you will have for your customers next season!

Not yet a JEM Club Member? For $695 a year, you can become one and take part in JEM Day too! Besides the great discounts offered throughout the year, members also have access to free shipping options and numerous other exclusive sales to take advantage of. There’s no better time to join than now! 

Why You Should Attend the IAAPA Expo

The IAAPA Expo is the biggest trade show event in the attractions industry! Taking place annually in mid-November, thousands of attendees get the latest updates around the industry while having a blast! If you are on the fence about attending the IAAPA Expo, here are a few reasons why you should join the fun this year! 

The IAAPA Expo is the best place to see what’s new and what’s in store for the amusement industry. Party rental businesses in particular can look forward to new designs that are showcased on the expo floor. JumpOrange will also be among the companies holding special sales during the IAAPA Expo, so don’t miss this chance to save big!

The IAAPA Expo is a great place to grow your professional network in the party rental industry. Several business owners and industry experts will be in attendance. Visit us at our booth for a quick chat or strike up a conversation with the people you happen to be waiting in line for lunch with. You might end up making some new friends in the process!

It is only fitting that the IAAPA Expo is held each year in Orlando, Florida, the world’s theme park capital! Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando are the two big draws, and attendees often visit one of these theme park resorts during their IAAPA Expo trip. Other great theme parks around Orlando include SeaWorld, Legoland, and Fun Spot America.

Did you know you can attend IAAPA Expo for free on us? Send us an email at and we’ll send you the needed code to register on the IAAPA Expo website!  Don’t delay though, as free tickets are first come, first serve. We’d love it if you visited us at our booth! Hope to see you there

Fall Inflatable Rental Opportunities

With the busy season of summer over, it might seem like the time to wrap it up and call it a year. However, it’s still possible for party rental businesses to take advantage of the unique opportunities available in the offseason. Here are a few ideas on renting your inflatables during the fall.

Inflatables have increased in popularity at wedding reception events. The cooling temperatures during the fall months make bounce house rentals a viable option for weddings. Younger children in attendance will greatly enjoy the chance for playtime during the reception, and the bride and groom can even join in on the fun too!

While kids returning to school usually means fewer parties, it can also provide new opportunities for party rental businesses. Events such as school carnivals or back to school nights provide great opportunities for party rental businesses to participate in their communities during the fall. You might even consider renting out your inflatable obstacle courses as a fun alternative for kids in P.E. class! 

While trick or treating is most popular around Halloween, the holiday also inspires similar local events. Pumpkin patches are a fantastic place to rent inflatables since they operate alongside other entertainment options such as petting zoos, hayrides, and mazes. Communities and churches often hold their own events as alternatives to trick or treating around Halloween and are excellent ways to rent your inflatables. 

These are only some of the opportunities that are still available for party rental businesses during the fall. Are there any other autumn events that your business has found success in renting out for? Let us know!

Inflatable Combinations and Collections

One inflatable is sure to generate excitement at any party or event, so naturally adding inflatable combinations to your rental opportunity would be even more effective! For example, consider attaching a slide with its matching slip n slide partner for hot summer days! You can also try renting out a bounce house alongside an obstacle course to keep kids moving! Here are a few ways to mix and match JumpOrange inflatables together!

The 18 Ft Slides in the Classic collection can be attached to their matching Slip N Slides. The Sport Challenge collection is another example of interchangeable inflatables! With baseball, basketball, football, frisbee, golf, soccer, and archery games, these compact inflatables fit in seamlessly at any event!

The Shadow Obstacle Course set comes in seven pieces. Each piece can rent out individually. However, combining all 7 pieces forms a massive 75 ft obstacle course perfect for large-scale events!

The Mermaid collection is one of JumpOrange’s most complete product lines. With a variety of slides and bouncers, it has an inflatable for any occasion. Combine any number of them for the ultimate undersea playground! The Ocean Battle, Rocker, and Ice Pops themes also offer similar-sized collections.Most collections within this series offer a 15 ft slide, a 19 ft slide, a 13’X13’ bounce house, and a dual-lane combo. This makes it very easy to match inflatables with the same theme. The X-Series also lends itself well to mix-and-matching.The American Boxing, Thunder, and T-Rex lines all have inflatable dual lane combos to go with their respective slides. The American Boxing line also has an inflatable punching game that makes a great side inflatable for a patriotic party. the newly introduced Electric bounce house and Jaguar wraparound combo offer unique additions to any collection.

The XLD series have quickly become fan favorites thanks to the highly requested detachable pool feature! The Galaxy, I’mperfectly, Mysterious Jungle, Oasis, and Queen collections all offer slides and combos that go well together. Meanwhile, the Cali Palms and Dolphins collections added slip n slides and dual lane combos to go along with their slides.

These are all just a few examples of effective themed inflatable combinations. You may even find that a mix and match strategy for your inflatables from different themes and designs at your event leads to greater success! The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Which Inflatable Shipping Option is Best for You?

            Inflatable shipping is an often-unsung part of running a party rental business. A lot of factors go into delivering inflatables to where they need to go. To help you decide, we’ve listed some common methods for shipping inflatables, as well as when to use them.

Terminal Shipping         

   Terminal shipping is one of the most used methods for shipping inflatables. For this method, the shipping truck drops off its goods at a terminal for customers to pick up. Generally, this method offers the fastest shipping times as it is much quicker for trucks to unload their cargo at a facility prepared to handle them,  

Residential Shipping

Residential shipping is another great option to consider. For this method, the shipping truck delivers the inflatables directly to the customer’s home by setting up an appointment with the customer. This is a great option for customers who want their inflatables dropped right at their door.

           Will Call Inflatable Pickup

Finally, will call inflatable pickup at our warehouse offers a different alternative for receiving inflatables. Call ahead with our office and they’ll have your order ready to go when you arrive. If you are within range of our warehouse, you can eliminate the middleman and handle shipping yourself!

JEM Club Shipping

Active JEM Club members get access to all these options! All orders with commercial inflatables are eligible for free terminal shipping, and orders with 3+ units are eligible for an upgrade for free residential delivery. Upon joining, JEM Club members enjoy these benefits for a full year. As a result, members save hundreds of dollars in shipping fees in the process!

Each of these inflatable shipping methods has one goal in mind: getting your inflatables in your hands as soon as possible. Which shipping method do you find the most useful? Let us know in the comments!

Commercial Inflatables Vs Residential Inflatables

The difference between residential and commercial inflatables is a question new party rental business owners often ask. Residential inflatables are sold in retail stores such as Walmart and Target. Commercial inflatables are sold by manufacturers and distributors such as JumpOrange. It is easy to miss the differences between these inflatables. Here are a few reasons why party rental businesses prefer commercial inflatables.

Commercial inflatables are designed to handle heavier use. Companies such as JumpOrange use lead-free commercial grade PVC vinyl that is fire and puncture-resistant for their inflatables. This material is also easy to clean as it is more resistant to mold and mildew. As a result, this vinyl is 5 times stronger than the nylon material that residential inflatables use. This also means that residential inflatables have shorter lifespans with their lower resistance to mold, mildew, and repeated use. With proper care and maintenance, JumpOrange inflatables can last over seven years. 

The extra parts and accessories for both inflatables come with slight differences. For instance, commercial inflatables use replaceable linings on high traffic areas such as the slide, stairs, and pool, which extends the lifespan of the inflatable. They also include metal stakes, powerful air blowers, and tarp. Compare this to residential units that offer no replacement linings and have a shorter lifespan as a result. They also tend to use plastic stakes, weaker air blowers, and no tarp. 

Last but not least is the difference in product warranty length. Commercial inflatables have a longer lifespan, and thus include a longer warranty. For example, JumpOrange’s warranty covers up to 18 months on water-based features and 3 years on dry units. Most residential inflatable warranties only cover up to 6 months. Superior warranty policy grants party rental companies peace of mind. 

When it comes to choosing inflatables to start a party rental business, only the best will do. Choose JumpOrange inflatables and they will provide significant ROI for years to come! Check our full collection here!

3 Reasons Why 15 oz Vinyl is Better

When it comes to commercial inflatables such as bounce houses and water slides, using the best vinyl material is a must. Party rental businesses most commonly rely on 18 oz and 15 oz vinyl, with the weight referring to the vinyl weight per square yard. JumpOrange uses 15 oz vinyl for its commercial inflatables. Here are a few reasons why our 15 oz vinyl is equipped to help your business.

Inflatables with 15 oz. vinyl will weigh roughly 20% less than ones than 18 oz. vinyl. This lighter weight means reduced shipping and labor costs. These lower costs in turn carry over as savings for your business when purchasing inflatables. This lighter weight also makes it possible for JumpOrange to use more creative designs for our inflatables.

Our 15 oz vinyl may be lighter, but it is no less durable. Our vinyl has undergone NFPA 701 test methods for flame resistance. Thanks to our practice of reinforcing our inflatables’ high-stress points with extra stitching and heat sealing, this vinyl has proven to be tear and puncture-resistant. To top it all off, our inflatables are also backed by our warranty, good for up to 3 years on dry units and 1.5 years on wet units.

The lighter weight of 15 oz. vinyl lends itself to easier inflatable care and maintenance. This is evident in its ease of setup and teardown, as being lighter makes for an easier time in inflating and rolling up. At the same time, our material is mold and mildew-resistant, so proper maintenance will allow it to last for a long time.

More and more party rental businesses are discovering the benefits of 15 oz. vinyl for their inflatables. Thanks to the work JumpOrange has put in, our 15 oz vinyl will not reduce your inflatables’ durability, but it will save you time and money. Check out our full collection of commercial inflatables with 15 oz vinyl at our online store!

Preseason Party Rental Business Essentials

Another busy season is fast approaching, and your business must have everything it needs to succeed during this critical time. Fortunately, several tools and resources are available to help you do just that. Here are a few essential tools sure to help your party rental business this season.

JEM Club is one of the best investments you can make for your party rental business. Members get a variety of perks that will save them money and grow their business. Members get free terminal shipping with a free upgrade to residential delivery on all orders with three or more units. In addition, they save 15% off all inflatable units and save even more during JEM Club exclusive sales that happen throughout the year. JEM Club is active for a full year the moment it is purchased, so take full advantage of what it offers!

Looking to purchase an inflatable but lack available funds? Faastrak is ready to help. If you possess good credit, it’s easy to apply for financing and make a game plan to pay off your inflatable. Simply provide the necessary information upon signing up. This flexibility will allow you to conserve your current funds for immediate business needs while still being able to add to your inflatable inventory in time for the season!

Recent incidents involving inflatables are a reminder about the importance of safety in the industry, so ensure your business has the insurance it needs entering the season. General liability insurance is a great starting point, as it will cover property damage and injuries that may result from guests using your inflatables. TRUiC has found the average yearly cost for general liability coverage in the party rental industry to be $500-1,100. Depending on the size and other services offered by your company, you may also need other types of insurance such as Worker’s Compensation Insurance.

With these resources available, your business will be equipped to handle the obstacles it faces this season. What other ways does your business prepare for the season? Let us know!