JumpOrange began in Los Angeles in 2002 because the founder wanted to spread fun by bringing JumpOrange inflatables to families and to anyone who wants to experience the possibilities in play. As a commercial grade manufacturer, we’ve been making unique, innovative, and built-to-last inflatables for residential and commercial use. We make sure all our inflatables are long lasting and easy to handle.

JumpOrange has the best ROI (Return of Investment) and some of the most trendy inflatable products on the market. Choosing the right investments for your business is one of the priorities to success. With that in mind, we are able to offer wallet friendly prices without sacrificing quality because we manufacture our products within our own facilities. Why JumpOrange?

We use commercial-grade lead-free mold resistant 15 oz vinyl to minimize unnecessary weight and labor cost. It allows for more creative designs, hassle-free maintenance, and easier transportation. Our lead-safe vinyl has undergone NFPA701 Test Methods to ensure that it is flame resistant. At JumpOrange, safety is always our top priority. 

Vinyl comes in a variety of weights. The most common weights being used in commercial inflatable products are 15 oz. and 18 oz. This number refers to the weight of the vinyl per square yard of material. Even though 18 oz vinyl is 20% heavier than 15 oz vinyl, heavier does not mean better. Part of our unique design is reinforcing high stress points with extra stitching and heat sealing.  This keeps the quality high, but the weight low.  We stand behind our products with one of the best warranties on the market.  

Your order comes with everything you will need to use your product.  It includes the following: your inflatable unit, blower(s), stakes, business card holder, repair kit, and owner’s care information.

We at JumpOrange stand behind all of our products, and we’re proud to have one of the most transparent warranties. Every commercial grade inflatable product comes with the following:

One (1) year limited warranty on games and blowers.
One and a half (1.5) years on wet and wet/dry use commercial grade products.
Three (3) years on any dry use commercial grade products. 
Ninety (90) day warranty from the date of purchase on any residential grade inflatable product (models JOH & JOK).

The price varies by size and features. To help our clients save money, we offer a JEM Club membership to rental companies. With this annual membership, members get 15% off on the full price of commercial items and get free terminal shipping.

Out-of-stock items are not available for preorder. However, you can sign up for email alerts to receive restock notifications. At JumpOrange, we have our largest inventory during the peak season.  

Any in-stock items are available to ship within 2-4 business days upon payment confirmation. Transit time varies between 7-14 business days depending on the location and shipping method. 

We offer wallet friendly pricing for our customers. Sometimes we will have package deals available, but typically we don’t offer additional discounts for multiple unit purchases.  You can certainly save more at JumpOrange with a JEM Club Membership. The JEM Club is a yearly membership program for professional event rental companies. Members enjoy 15% off on the full price of commercial grade units and Free Terminal Shipping. For any order including three or more commercial units, we will deliver to your home or business for free as well. 

Sorry, there is no corporate military discount program at this moment. 

Jump Orange makes preorders available twice a year during the months of October and November. Delivery time of all preorders is the following year in April. 

Yes, every inflatable purchase includes the recommended size and number of blowers for that particular unit. 

 We accept all major US-issued credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and direct deposit to our bank account. 

Yes, we do. Please visit our home page and click “APPLY FINANCING”. We look forward to helping you purchase your JumpOrange units.

 Apply for Financing Here

The shipping cost is $495 per order. A better alternative for most of our customers is to join our JEM Club. For a fee of $695 per year, our members receive unlimited free shipping and 15% off on full price commercial products.

We highly recommend you to obtain insurance for your business!

We recommend one bounce house, one combo, and one 14-15ft slide. Generic colors will be preferred to start up a new rental business. 

Our advice is to purchase one combo unit with an inflated pool. A combo is a 13′ x 13′ bounce house attached to a slide with a pool. An inflated pool means there is an air bed in the pool area. A combo with an inflated pool gives more options to renting it out. You can rent it with a filled pool as a wet option during the warmer months or as a dry unit during the colder months. 

The amount of storage you will need will vary with which unit you purchase.  For example, the roll up size of a 13′ x 13′ standard bounce house is approximately 4 ft wide and 5 ft tall. All our units come with a storage bag. 

A well-designed website that is easy to navigate is always helpful.  A social media account is also a good choice to getting started in the rental business because it’s free and has no commitment fee.

Nice setup photos of your rental inflatables are a must to advertising in this business. We offer professional HD product images for our JEM club members and let the product sell itself. What’s JEM Club?

The answer is no if you are new to the business. Inflatable equipment is flexible and easy to store. Some space in a garage is perfect while you are just getting started! As your business grows, you might need additional storage space.   

Google Calendar and Google Map are the best tools for a new start up business. Keep your bookings on the calendar and check the route prior to the event. Time is money, so you don’t want to waste time on excess traveling. Have more questions? Chat with us!  

To make your shopping experience easier, we offer member and non-member pricing. Free terminal shipping is a perk for all our JEM Club members. There is a flat $495 shipping charge per order for non-JEM club members. 

Commercial grade inflatable products are meant for heavy use and are long lasting, making them perfect for the rental business. These units are constructed with heavy-duty 15 oz PVC vinyl to make them stronger and resistant to tearing. The overall product weight is much heavier than residential grade products and they are usually larger in size. 

We manufacture and sell commercial grade bounce houses, slides, games, combos, and obstacles to the event party rental industry. Unfortunately, we do not rent out the units ourselves, but we love seeing all the smiles that our products create!

Sorry, we do not customize or change colors of our products.  

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