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Depending on the situation, you may use it without the pool attachment. Keep in mind that the pool attachment MUST be used when using the unit with water. 

Yes, your inflatable must be anchored at all times, without exception.

For user safety, we do not recommend using any inflatables in winds over 15 MPH.

We do not recommend using an extension cord for your inflatable products.

Yes, our commercial grade inflatable products are designed for adults and kids. Residential inflatable products are for kids under 100 lbs.

No, you should not set up your inflatable to go directly into a swimming pool.  The pool attachment on a unit should not be removed anytime when using it as a water slide.

No, it is not safe. You do not want to immerse the blower in water or expose it to rain.  You also do not want to set up your unit in windy or rainy conditions. High winds (over 15 MPH) may lift the product off of the ground. In heavy winds or rain, it is advised to have everyone exit the inflatable and discontinue use. 

Please help everyone escape immediately. The emergency exit is located on the top of the roof. Inflatables rarely collapse while being used but it is recommended to find the emergency exit ahead of an actual emergency.

Two at a time: one can be sliding or getting ready to slide and another person can be climbing up to the top platform section. Always slide down one at a time.  Please wait for the pool or landing area to be clear before the next person slides down.

We recommend for you to set up your inflatable device on a soft surface.  A grassy area is preferable. A tarp is also highly recommended to help protect your unit. Setting up your unit on a hard surface, like cement, has a high chance of damaging your unit and is discouraged by JumpOrange.

Please make sure you have at least 7 ft of obstacle-free space around the entire product. 

Yes, adult supervision is required while operating the inflatable device. Do not leave blower unattended. 

No, please make sure the inflatable is clear of any people in or around the unit during the inflating and deflating process.

Yes, but set up your inflatable in a shaded location.  We do not recommend using the unit in direct sunlight when the temperature is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It may cause thermal burns due to the heated surface. 

No, you should empty the pool when not in use.  Children can drown in a very small amount of water. Toddlers especially have a high risk of drowning. 

Yes, both indoor and outdoor locations are places inflatable products are designed to be used at. Be sure to check your ceiling height prior to setting up your unit indoors.  

Yes, watch the tutorial video of how to set up your unit here.  Please subscribe to our YouTube channel here for more tips. 

Yes, you can get tips on how to drain your pool prior to deflating here. You can get a step-by-step process on how to roll up your inflatable here.

An owner’s manual comes with every inflatable. You may also download an owner’s manual here.  

It takes approximately 3-5 minutes to inflate and deflate an inflatable product.