The JEM Club membership program is designed for professional event rental companies. For a one-time, annual payment of $695, JEM Club Members receive 15% off on full price commercial grade inflatables, free shipping, marketing materials, and special sales events.  Find out more here.

Instead of us telling you the many ways a membership can help your business, let’s see what other JEM members say about the benefits of the JEM Club here

Please contact us directly at Let us know your JumpOrange product name and order numbers, and our reps will email you the link to download our authorized product images. 

Sorry, you cannot remove the watermark.  However, we provide HD product images without watermarks to JEM club members. 

No, the 15% off is applied to the commercial grade inflatable units only. Accessories are not included in this benefit. 

JEM Members qualify for free residential shipping when buying three (3) or more commercial grade inflatable products in the same order. Any orders with only 1-2 units qualify for free terminal shipping, and can be upgraded to residential shipping for $150 per order. 

If the order has only 1-2 units, JEM members get an option to pay a $150 surcharge per shipment for home delivery.   

No, the membership is non-transferable. We do not allow shared membership benefits. 

The JEM Club membership is an annual program. The membership fee will not automatically charge or renew after it expires. Renew it when you need it. 

Sorry, we do not offer trial memberships.

The JEM Club was created as a way to save money for our clients.  Most of the time, our clients save thousands of dollars a year with the free shipping and 15% off our units.  This allows our members to use these savings to invest back in their own business.  They can use these savings to purchase other equipment, computer software, an electric dolly, a rental event booking system, or even a snow cone machine!

You do not have to be a JEM Club Member to make a purchase, but you will be paying full price for all your units and will pay shipping charges for every order. 

It makes more “cents” to save, so join today!

No, there is no other way to get free shipping.  We highly recommend you join our JEM Club for $695 per year to receive free shipping and 15% off on full price items. Non-JEM members pay full price and $495 for shipping on every order.  Basically, the JEM Club membership saves you more than $695 a year, and most of the time, you will make up the cost of the membership on your first order.  Members continue to receive these benefits and savings throughout the year.  

Sorry, we do not allow the membership to be shared.  

JEM Day is an exclusive sale for only our JEM Club Members that offers the largest discounts of the year. It typically takes place in October.

Absolutely! JEM Club is ready to go upon purchase. If you are purchasing an inflatable with JEM Club, you’ll automatically get both the 15% discount and free terminal shipping applied to it.

Throughout the year, we do have other special packages and sales exclusively for our JEM Club.  These sales will be emailed directly to our members. Sale events will also be posted on our social media channels. Cash in on the big savings by staying connected with us. Facebook- Jump Orange & Instagram- jumporangeinflatables

We are constantly adding member benefits. You ask, we listen. Let us know if any other benefits you would like. Email your feedback to 

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Your new membership will be active immediately after the order is paid in full. 

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