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JEM Club is our exclusive membership program that works for you and your business. For the low annual price of $695, enjoy a list of benefits designed to save you money. Members can save 15% on their favorite inflatables, enjoy free shipping, the JEM concierge service, and access exclusive sales events throughout the year. Join other members who enjoy JEM Club the highest return investment on the industry. So, why wait?

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Verified Purchased - Splash Adventure

JEM helps us to save money. Design is breathtaking.

I’m super happy with my purchase from Jump Orange. We have been buying from Jump Orange since 2012, cause we had a different company that we sold and we opened up another one now. And bought all 12 units with Jump Orange, their JEM Membership helped us save money. I can honestly say they were always a great company but they have come a long way with their designs, I mean they’re all breathtaking, makes it so hard to choose, haha. The quality has always been great. Super excited to have a new jump orange warehouse in Orlando now.

Verified Purchased - Brandon S.

Impressed with the customer service

From products to service Jump Orange has surpassed my expectations! The rentability of their designs have allowed our small company to walk in and take over our rural market. When we purchased our last 6 units they even took photos of them on the pallets for us so I could ensure I had enough room when they arrived. Seriously though we’re impressed with the customer service and easy working relationship that we’ve been able to have from several states away. 10 out of 10 recommend!

Ps: Bonus, when you call they actually answer the phone

Verified Purchased - Yemerson R.

They make every step easy for you

We own UJump CLT and we wouldn’t be where we are without Jump Orange! Everyone at Jump Orange is friendly and helpful from start to finish! Since the beginning they make every step easy for you. We love our inflatables! Great quality and the designs are top notch! We own 10 inflatables from Jump Orange and all of our customers love them!!