Our residential products are made of 100% rental grade DuraLite 8 oz vinyl throughout the unit. The tear strength is 10 times stronger than other home use inflatable devices. JumpOrange residential grade products are much easier to clean and are more mildew resistant. Learn more here.

The recommended age is 8 years old or younger.  The recommended weight is up to 100 lbs.

No, the residential grade products are not designed for heavy usage. 

It is perfectly normal to hear hissing, whistling, and “air leaking”.  While using the inflatable with water, seeing bubbles at the seams is also common. This is all part of the normal operation and is caused by the consistent pumping of air through the inflatable. The air escapes through the seams or backs out through the blower during jumping and normal operation.

Watch the safety instructional video prior to setting up your unit.

 Jump Orange Safety Video

Residential grade products do not come with a drain system. You may remove the water from the air pipe.

Your blower may overheat and stop if the motor gets too hot. Your blower is fitted with a mechanism to prevent overheating. In cases where the motor gets too hot, the blower will typically shut down for approximately 2 hours before restarting. Feel free to contact JumpOrange for any extra safety concerns.

Yes, it is normal. If it seems to be making very odd sounds, feel free to contact us at support@jumporange.com, and we can help you determine if there is something wrong with your unit.

Dimensions will vary based on the pressure and users. Commercial inflatables will commonly expand beyond the listed dimensions when inflated. Even though JumpOrange inflatables are mass-produced and use identical patterns, the size may vary due to the process of inflation.

Punctures, holes, or tears can typically be repaired using a needle and strong thread or fishing line. You can use the included patch kit to repair minor punctures, holes, or tears.  Alternately, a patch may be adhered using all-purpose glue, which can be purchased at your local hardware store. In general, using stitching to repair a product is more durable than using an adhesive.

To view these instructions larger or to download them as a JPEG, please click here.

JumpOrange commercial and residential inflatable products are made with commercial grade PVC mildew resistant vinyl which minimizes the chances of getting mildew compared to units made with nylon material. The first step in dealing with mildew is prevention.  Always store inflatables in a dry location and make sure they are completely dry after use. If mildew does arise, completely dry the inflatable, and allow the mildewed area exposure to sunlight.  You may also use soap and water to clean the area.  If the mildew damage is severe, scrubbing may cause the materials to disintegrate. To prevent mildew, JumpOrange recommends using Simple Green or Matt Kleen, especially for commercial inflatables, as it removes mildew, and a number of other pathogens, bacteria, and viruses.

 You can use the included glue to repair minor openings.  Allow the glue to completely dry before using the product.